Name:Sheree City/State:Electra Tx
Can't believe I found this site! Thank God- you two are still out there. I have wondered about David and Andrew for some time. I had the great honor of hearing you play in L.A.; on a couple of different occasions. I still have your autographed t-shirt, and your autographed footnotes from one of the sessions. I fell in love , and I would love to hear from your two again--soon! I have 3 of your C.D.'s and have just about wore them out. I do hope you two are working on something new. Your musical talents are more than I think you know; give us more... If your out there playing, let me know, I would travel across country to come see you two again. Thanks for the beautiful music Peace- Sheree

Name:Justin City/State:
I just found this site today. I barely remember The Williams Brothers from The Partridge Family. I became fans of thiers in the late '90's. I have Two Stories, The Williams Brothers and Harmony Hotel on CD. All three CD's are awesome. I also have a rare CD of theirs from the '70's called One More Time. It was produced by Wes Farrell. Here's a little known fact. If The Partridge Family TV show got renewed for another season David Cassidy wasn't coming back and Any and DAvid were joining the cast. That is how Wes Farrell, The Partridge Family record producer, wound up producing for any and David Williams. I saw Andrew and David in concert at Radio City Music HAll in 1996. They were awesome. They sang some stuff that was supposed to be on their next CD but it never came out.

Name:Stormy City/State:Phx Az
The first time I saw David and Andy was on the PF and I fell in love!!! And that was the last time I saw them then I bought a teen magazine and there they were!!!! And have thought what ever happened to them and where did they go?? Then I got a computer and found alot of info on them and now I am in love all over again LOL I am so greatfull to Harmony she has given alot of info to me and has told me about the e-mail I mean how cool is this? Thanks again Harmony your the best!!!

Name:Tammy T. City/State:
Great site...Andrew and David are still my two favorite singer/songwriters, and I hope they'll record together again someday very soon.

Name:Stacey City/State:Kansas
Like everyone else here, I loved the Brothers in the mid 70s, and just about died when I found their current music (early 90s) in a record store!!! I can't believe they are singing together anymore; there's gotta be a place to write or email them to let them know we gotta hear them again!!!! Thanks for this site - it's great!!!

Name:Angel City/State:San Francisco
Thank you so much for this site. I've been searching forever, but couldn't find anything on these guys! My heart is now at peace!

Name:L.L. Radcliff City/State:Los Angeles, CA
I'm glad to know there are so many other fans...I saw these two play (and met them...yea!) at the Troubadour in L.A. nearly 7 years ago...and haven't heard a peep about them since? Won't they play together again? How can we find out??

Hi Clare, great W - B site, their early work would be good for a review..Can you get them to tour Australia, there would be two of us ready to party

Name:Angela L. Brooks City/State:Atlanta, GA
I'm very happy to find this website!! I have been a big fan of theirs since 70's. I've got their old records, their CDs, a lot of pictures of them by cutting out of many old Tiger Beat Magazines into my scrapbook and their autographs on my "Harmony Hotel" CD at their concert in Atlanta in 1995. I really love their musics!!! If you hear any more info. about them, please let me know!! WB fan, Angela

Name:Greg City/State:East Gosford Australia
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Name:Araya City/State:Winston-Salem NC
Looking for any info on A&D Wiliams. I've been a fan since the 70's!

Name:Harmony City/State:Texas
Hi Clare! Thanks for sending me your link! I'm so happy to find other WB fans! Now, we need to all stick together & convince the guys that it's time to release some new tunes!! Anyone have any ideas??? =)

Name:Lisa City/State:Tassie email:----------
Hi Clare, Just wanted to let you know that I visited your website & it is pretty cool. Love Lisa:)

Name:Michele Geraldine City/State:Singapore
Hello! I am very excited to see a fan site set up for the Williams Brothers. It's GREAT!! I did not know there were so many fans out there. Hope you will be able to have lots of info on them. Thank you! ....Michele